The following sections provide some tips on resolving problems.

Known Problems

v0.5.5 beta - Current Release

  1. If methods have been given provisional names in Complib containing slashes (e.g. a date), then no audible method name will be played by Handbell Stadium.

    Workaround: Update the name in Complib to replace the slashes.

v0.5.4 beta

  1. Some compositions give a 'failed to prick' error message on loading.

    Workaround: None - update to latest release.

  2. Changed options are not being saved.

    Workaround: Connect two controllers, then quit and restart Handbell Stadium.

v0.5.3 beta

  1. Unable to ring online due to 'wrong version' message.

    Workaround: None - update to latest release.

v0.5.2 beta

  1. The rows of the previous touch are being rung at the last checkpoint (restart ringing).

    Workaround: Go back to menu and restart practice

v0.4.6 beta

  1. The option to change screen resolution is mixing up the resolutions, so the one you pick is not what you get.

    Workaround: Select resolutions until you find one that looks like what you want.

  2. Pressing R or F9 pauses and resumes rather than resets.

    Workaround: Pressing the space bar or the left controller button cycles through Start/Go/Reset.

v0.4.5 beta

  1. The mapping of the X, Y, and Z axis in Options Input does not work correctly. While the mapped value of the Z-axis is shown in the Green Box, the original Z-axis value is used to control the bell. This is not a problem if you are using ActionXL controllers in normal orientation, but is likely to affect those who have built their own controllers where the orientation of the accelerometer board is different.

    Workaround: Map your controller's primary up down axis to the Z-axis in your driver software.

  2. Your controllers are not swinging and striking at the correct point. The default strike settings are incorrect for the ActionXL controllers.

    Workaround: Go into Options/Input and set the Handstroke Strike in both columns to 200 and the Backstroke Strike in both columns to -600.