Other Features


  1. Whenever an organiser presses Start while in an online session, the room details, strike timings are automatically recorded on the server. Note this does not include the bobs or singles, or any conversation between the ringers, as that is handled by the conferencing system you use, not Handbell Stadium.
  2. At present, Handbell Stadium does not yet have the functionality to retrieve the recordings from the server. However, if you would like to obtain a recording of your ringing in the meantime, this can be done on request. You will need to provide the time the recording would have been made, the server you were using, and the names of your band, for us to identify it.
  3. The intention is to enhance Handbell Statdium to provide the option to download a recording to your local machine immediately after ringing and before you leave the room.
  4. Once you have your recording (its name will be something like hbstadium-20200411-170741.rec), it needs to be placed in the Handbell Stadium recordings folder on your computer. On a Windows computer you can find this by starting File Explorer and typing %APPDATA%/hbstadium in the Quick Access bar. If this folder doesn't already container a folder called recordings, you should create it (right click and select New Folder). Copy any recordings you have into the recordings folder.


  1. Once you have copied your recordings into the recordings folder as described above, you select Play recording from the Handbell Stadium main menu and a list of your recordings should appear showing the room/performance title used when the recording was made. Click on one to select it and press Play.
  2. You will now see the room set up in playback mode. Each ringer's name is displayed over their chair and the room name or performance title is displayed as the heading.
  3. You can choose the camera position you want, such as Spectator or Overhead.
  4. Pressing space bar will start or stop playback.
  5. You can use the slider to find a particular part of a recording using the elapsed time or number of changes rung as a guide.
  6. You can also click on the Blue line button to display the changes being rung. Lines will be drawn through the currently selected pair. This pair can be changed by clicking on the pair button until the desired pair is displayed.